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AVAYA Cordless 3810


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The Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone is an ETR telephone designed to work with MERLIN MAGIX (ALL RELEASES) using an ETR station port. This exciting new mobility offer is designed for customers with local mobility needs like small retail locations, warehouses and other businesses that need wireless access within 80,000 square feet (in an average business environment).  It offers the mobility inherent in a wireless telephone plus access to a number of features and functionality of the connected communications system.

The Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone offer a range of  160 feet from the base station.  Each 3810 Telephone requires its own base unit. Multiple 3810 phones may be operated in the same wireless coverage area or zone. It is recommended that 3 to 5 Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephones may be connected to the same system and operated in the same area. With proper site engineering, a maximum of ten Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephones can be connected to the same system. Proper spacing of the base units is required for optimal operation.
**Avaya 3810 is a proprietary system phone and will need its own extension jack to function.**




4 programmable buttons to access switch features on the MERLIN MAGIX system

2 line, 32 character Handset Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Talk Time 10 hours typical

4 displayed operation modes indicating Talk, Ringer On/Off, Battery Low, and Message Waiting

Fixed Feature Buttons; Hold, Transfer, Conference, Mute, Caller Name Display, and Feature

10 channels; ideally supporting 3 to 5 simultaneous conversations
(up to 10 maximum simultaneous conversations with proper site management)

Headset Jack Vibrate Alert Ringer and Handset volume control

User selectable ring type Base Unit and Charger Unit

Includes: Base Unit Charger & Power Supply, Handset, Telephone Cord, Installation and User Guide, Rechargeable Battery, Belt Clip

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