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Easy, affordable IP telephony

As part of Comdial's complete Voice over IP (VoIP) platform, the iPrimo™ IP phone lets any size business reap the economic benefits of IP telephony without sacrificing voice quality or traditional business phone features.


No Fear Factor

With Comdial's iPrimo IP phone, you simply plug into your company's LAN or WAN to make phone calls across your IP network. Some of our customers have expressed a "fear-factor" in switching to IP telephony, that their quality won't be the same. But our easy-to-use IP phone takes that fear away. We designed it to be identical in form, function, and voice quality with Comdial's award-winning SCS line of business phones. The IP technology is invisible to users -- they just dial and the system takes care of the rest.

Integrate branch offices and telecommuters

With the iPrimo phone, telecommuters and branch office workers can use their high-speed network connection to make calls to any phone number around the world. In addition, callers can dial colleagues at any of their company locations simply by dialing an extension. Just as easily, they can access voicemail, and route business calls over the phone system. And, Comdial's iPrimo has FCC Class B certification for residential use - no other business IP phone has this certification.

 Features at your Fingertips

Features that come standard with the iPrimo SCS IP telephone include: a large LCD display with 13 interactive soft keys, automatic DHCP support, multi-line and intercom busy lamps, a dozen user-programmable buttons for speed dial numbers and other features, advanced dialing options, hands-free communication, and more.


The iPrimo is available through Comdial's network of dealers, along with Comdial's FX II system that supports IP telephony.


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