Auto Attendant

Mail Box Title
You can assign up to nine mailboxes: one general delivery and eight personal boxes.
Mail Box
bulletCall Monitoring Feature (Base Unit)
While receiving a message in the general delivery mailbox, you can monitor the call through the speaker.
bulletPager Call (Base Unit/Handset)
Allows the unit to alert your pager when your mailbox has received an incoming message from an outside caller
Automated Attendant System
The KX-TG4000 features the Automated Attendant System, which is a flexible communication tool that improves your call management in the office or at home.
Automated Attendant System
bullet Personal Greeting Message
You can record your own greeting message of up to 2 minutes for your handsetís mailbox.
Multiple Handset Title
You can register up to 8 portable handsets at the base unit.
At one time . . .
Multiple Handsets
bullet Ring Group Setting
bullet 3 Conference Calling
bulletCall Display with Call Waiting Compatible*
Allows the base unit and cordless handset to display a second callerís information.
* Requires subscription to call display, call waiting and/or voice mail service. Please check with your local telephone company for details and availability in your area.

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